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Brook Farm is a rural gem situated in the northern Essex Countryside and ideal location for a relaxing break.

Following on from my previous blog, the new essence still had some way to go as now I needed to involve the horses. I carried the essence bowl along with some other items to create a sacred space within a secure part of the field that I was then going
Well the day had arrived to make the essence. In my mind I thought it would be purely an environmental essence and I was planning to make it in the field where the horses grazed. It was Good Friday, the sun was shining and this evening was to be a
I am delighted that Natural Answer has been accepted as a business that supports the non ridden horse and those people who choose not to ride by the Non Ridden Equine Association UK. The association is dedicated to making life better and raising the status for non ridden horses and
Continued from part 2 After carrying out ritual and cleansing of the space with the help of the nature kingdom during my daily walk round the farm with my dogs in the early mornings and the stillness I find my mind open for the information to come through. Sitting on
Following on from my earlier blog about the importance of positive early experiences and socialisation for young puppies. So you have your new puppy home and hopefully he’s settled in his new surroundings, he’s comfortable with all the family members and you’ve established some basic routines of feeding, sleep, play
There is a small window in a very young puppy’s life where it is important that he or she is able to form positive associations and be habituated to the things they will need to help them keep an open, curious, confident and fear free mind. They learn a great
Continuing on from part 1 I was impatient to get started with making the first essence in my range. The weather was nice, Spring was here and everything was bursting into life. First of all I needed to make sure the environment on the farm was right for essence making.
For a while now I have been feeling that I needed and wanted to make a range of essences especially for animals with the help of my animals. I’d thought of a name for these new essences and I’d already felt the first one was going to be for horses.
My horses are a big part of my life and play a part in Natural Answer helping Co Create Anima Essences and often participating in my workshops. The horses have been my greatest teachers, especially Wraheem.  They are lucky to be in a stable herd at the farm here and
A very warm welcome to my website. My name is Jane Gilbey and my site has been created with love to reflect my true passions which are at the core of my own being and that of my healing business. I offer support for animals and for their people, to