Welcome To Oaksbrook

Escape & Relax

Brook Farm is a rural gem situated in the northern Essex Countryside and ideal location for a relaxing break.

“Listen to the voice of nature, her whisper or her roar, a soft breeze in summer sun, the sound of leaves rustling, water over rocks, a tiny flower, the thunder of hooves. All of nature holds many treasures and can reconnect your Soul and heart to the heart beat and
One of our little barns I have named the Walnut Barn because of the  beautiful Walnut Tree that gives her shade in summer right outside the barn. This barn sits within a small orchard of Pear, Apple and Plum trees overlooking the stables to the front and towards a wooden
  Equine Touch is a wonderful gift for your horse. It is a soft tissue address that enables the horse to rebalance their bodies which can inspire remedial and therapeutic changes. It is a non diagnostic, non invasive, hands on system of body work addressing the whole horse with an organised
I am able to offer a consultation package to support you or your horse or pet, combining my services and tailoring a session to suit.  These can be in person here at Brook Farm for yourself or by an online conference call.  The latter can work well for any remote
The Co Created Essences for Animals For some time I have been feeling the seeds of a creative idea to create a small range of essences here at  Brook Farm.  I have made several at the farm already, usually under our very large and ancient Oak Tree next to the Brook Farm is a beautiful 20 acre small holding set in the North Essex Countryside. It is home to Steve and Jane Gilbey and their many four legged family. They moved to the farm in 2007 and spent many years renovating the buildings and creating the beautiful natural space
Hello and welcome, I am Jane Gilbey and this page is about what makes me, me! I am passionate about nature, horses and other animals. From a young child I have always loved to be out doors and to be in the presence of animals. As a family we always
Essence Making the Night of the Lunar Eclipse 27th July 2018 Some months ago I was guided during a consultation with a colleague from the Netherlands to make at least three essences several weeks or months apart, by a very large and significant Oak Tree on our property.  He suggested
Remembering Founder Jock Ruddock's Birthday During my Equine Touch training I had the pleasure of watching Jock demonstrate his Equine Touch modality a number of times and he and wife Ivana were the teachers and assessors on my level three training and exam assessment.  Jock had a great sense of
    The Equine Touch is a soft tissue address that is holistic in its application.  It is a non diagnostic and non invasive equine body work system that stimulates the body to find a healthy equilibrium. It effects mostly the soft tissue, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, connective tissue