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Equine Touch


Jane and Ryaaz

Equine Touch is a wonderful gift for your horse. It is a soft tissue address that enables the horse to rebalance their bodies which can inspire remedial and therapeutic changes. It is a non diagnostic, non invasive, hands on system of body work addressing the whole horse with an organised series of unique, gentle, vibrational moves over soft tissue and meridian lines.

During a session of Equine Touch it is common to see horses relax very deeply. Some of the benefits of Equine Touch can be to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce spinal pain, release hypertonic and traumatised muscles, encourage muscle recovery from injury and atrophy and release adhesions within the myofcaial layer. It improves circulation and encourages elimination of bodily waste and toxins.

The Equine Touch came into being in 1997 when Jock Ruddock used the human modality he had developed on horses. In 1999 he was joined by his wife Ivana (a veterinary surgeon, former university lecturer and researcher) in teaching and developing Equine Touch. Sadly Jock passed away, but Ivana continues to take the Equine Touch out into the world.

I prefer to work with horses for a minimum of three sessions ideally so that deeper change can occur. I also usually combine some essences to help further with release of any trauma or tension the horse may be carrying. During the initial assessment which may last up to an hour and a half I take a detailed history and consider any influencing factors that may be affecting the horse so we are looking at the whole horse on many levels.

Due to the need to see your horse in person I can only visit horses fairly close to me usually within a 15 mile radius. I can visit your yard, but I also offer visitor packages for those able and happy to travel to me or during a stay at our holiday let.