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Equi Anima Essence – part 5 Help from the Horses and a Full Pink Moon

Following on from my previous blog, the new essence still had some way to go as now I needed to involve the horses. I carried the essence bowl along with some other items to create a sacred space within a secure part of the field that I was then going to turn the horses out in over night under the full moon. For part of my scared space to Co create the essence I included my beautiful Unicorn crystal and some equine cards. The entire pack of cards created by Rachel Beesley with a wild mustang herd seemed so appropriate to be a part of the energy within this essence to help horses connect with their higher herd. Along with those I also chose one card from The Way of the Horse Archytype cards by Linda Kohanov, Connecting with the Ancestors card.  This card in particular is to help connect to the higher horse realm and healing for deep ancestral hurts. Connecting with their wisdom and healing of trauma.

I was also guided to include in the sacred space some Rose Quartz and a Blosem essence Cell Energie. This essnece is to help return us to our intitial cellular blue print we first incarnated with. These things were all left in place  near  the essence bowl while I went to fetch the horses. They had seen me go past carrying the bowl and I’d already connected to them to let them know we were making the essnece and asking for their participation. Imagine my surprise when I went to fetch them and found them like this.

They allowed me to sit quietly with them for a good 15 minutes or so while I sat and meditated, calling in the Co creative team and elements that were all part of the making of the essence.  When the horses had awoken from this deep healing space I took them to the field where they grazed near the  bowl over night.

The Pink Full Moon was also very poignant for being included in the process. The Pink Full Moon in Native American Indian Culture was given the name due to the mass emergence of pink phlox flowers. Spiritually, the Pink Moon always signifies rebirth and renewal. After a long, cold, grey and miserable winter, the resurgence of the color pink is a revitalizing dose of beauty and joy. It serves as a reminder that life is a set of ups and downs, a cycle of hibernation and reawakening.  How that relates to the healing of horses I think is on a heart level and long winter being the trials of life through the ages as mans servant, in war and conflict, neglect and abuse.  Now we are hoping for a shift which already exists for many in that their relationships with humans are just that, relationships that honour them as sentient beings with huge hearts and capacity for great love and forgiveness.

May the horses re connect with their overlighting herd and experience harmony and balance with love and peace.  May they be facilitators of Co creating a new world where horses and humans have a deep connection and relationship with their species specific needs met on all levels to promote health and wellness. May the traumas of their past including those of their ancestors be healed. With much gratitude to horses and their service to humanity.