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The Non Ridden Equine

I am delighted that Natural Answer has been accepted as a business that supports the non ridden horse and those people who choose not to ride by the Non Ridden Equine Association UK.

The association is dedicated to making life better and raising the status for non ridden horses and has a has a large group that has been set up for the non-ridden horse, pony, mule, donkey and people who choose not to ride. There are a lot of pressures that face the non-ridden equine. The non-ridden horse is often over looked and under-valued and treated in some cases as a second class citizen. Equines that cannot be ridden are often physically and or emotionally damaged. Many have suffered at the hand of man. The horse world can be a cruel place. There is also a lot of social pressure folk face who own non-ridden equines or choose not to ride.

Their association and social media group has been set up to celebrate the many joys non-ridden equines can bring to us. It is a place people can exchange ideas and experiences of enjoyment of the non-ridden equine. Plus show off their beautiful equines. People who love horses and do not own one and riders are also welcome to join the association and group.  Non ridden activities are wonderful for all equines.  The association is not ant riding, but is there to support all non ridden equines. Their website has a library that members can access and many other resources.

The therapies I offer support all equines and much of the training workshops I host by others have been suited for non ridden equines focussing on ground work for improved posture, Horsemanship, clicker training and horse agility days.

you can find the Non Ridden Equine Association here: