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Brook Farm is a rural gem situated in the northern Essex Countryside and ideal location for a relaxing break.

  Willow Weaving Workshop - Creating a Willow Pheasant Autumn 2016 I held my first workshop with our host Martin Keeley of Rutland Willows.  Martin and his wife Louise run RutlandWillows which was originally founded by Louise's farther John Shone.  Apart from Willow animals and sculptures they also do Dry
  Sunday 10th July we spent a very enjoyable day with Jean Whitebread from Equine Reconnect.  The class was well attended and the content as an introduction to Craniosacral Therapy was very informative and fun.  There was a good mix of classroom based discussion and interactive demonstrations for participants to
Horses by their by nature are Claustrophobic and herd animals so having to be confined to a stable for long periods perhaps under vets recommendation for a medical condition and travelling in trailers and lorries can cause problems for many horses.  It's amazing that so many do adapt and tolerate
If I am asked to visit an animal, usually a horse to do some form of healing that I have qualification in I do really like with the owners permission to make up an essence especially for that animal to take with me.  I normally ask for some information about
I have recently been writing about how essences can help animals for Essence Awareness Week, but in light of the recent upheaval in the UK with the vote to leave the EU we have found our country divided and emotions running high, feelings of fear, anger and vulnerability, euphoria for
This article is about my experience with my pony Milli when she was expecting her first foal and some difficulties we had after the birth. Right from when we first decided to let Milli have a foal I began using flower essences to support the process. I began with Alaskan
  Animals that share our lives are often in environments far removed from their wild cousins. Those that share our homes like dogs and cats live closely with us and the dynamics in a family can have an impact on them.  Animals live in the emotional realm and are very
From 18th to 25th June it is Flower Essence Awareness Week. I will be posting some short articles about some of my own experiences with using essences for animals and also talking about a few key essences from different ranges that I have found very useful. I will also talk
I am running Two dates this summer with Horse Agility Accredited Trainer Amanda Braham.  Each date has a morning or an afternoon training session and then competition.  You can choose either 10 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 5pm on each of the dates. Sunday 17th July and
I am pleased to be welcoming Jean Whitebread back on Sunday 10th July to host again her popular Craniosacral day for horse owners. This years workshop entitled "Assessing, Helping and Improving Wellness for Horses" is aimed at those that want to be able to use this gentle modality for horses