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Consultations with Jane for You or Your Pet

I am able to offer a consultation package to support you or your horse or pet, combining my services and tailoring a session to suit.  These can be in person here at Brook Farm for yourself or by an online conference call.  The latter can work well for any remote healing work and an essence consultation.  Since flower and vibrational essences are my core therapy this will be the modality we will work with to begin.

Flower Essences act as catalysts to help us atune to our true nature, they can help gently release deep trauma, to let go of limiting belief patterns, support us through grief, through big changes and to move through life with more flow, ease and grace. Working on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level they harmonise our energy system and help balance negative emotional states. They can illuminate those parts of us that we wish to change or let go of, those behaviours and ways of being that no longer serve us. Gem and environmental essences help balance and stabilise our system, adding vibrant energy to support our healing and wellbeing. They are safe and gentle and so may be taken by children and animals. They will support any other therapy or treatment whether complimentary or allopathic to help you reach a state of wellbeing.

Essences can work very well for animals and I love to help them. My experience as a horse and pet owner and my time working within a veterinary practice has enabled me to have a deepened connection and understanding of animals. During a consultation we will look at many areas of your pets life that may be affecting their  emotional and mental state. The environment in which they live, the family dynamics or herd dynamics in the case of horses, diet, training, other animals, your own emotions can all contribute to an animals state of being. How and when they were weaned, their early socialisation and habituation or lack of it and any upsets, big changes or traumas they have experienced and  whether there is any pain or disease present.  We  will explore these things and I will make a dosage bottle of a combination of essences to support your pet. I am also able to combine any other healing modalities and this can be discussed during your initial consultation.

Essences are gentle, but may work in a profound way or in more subtle ways. Often small shifts occur that do lead to big change.  The biggest changes occur when the animals emotional, mental and physical needs are being met fully. Where a cause  of upset has been identified but cannot be changed perhaps in the example you are having building word done and your dog is very frightened by the noise and change of routine in the house, Essences will help him cope better with the situation, helping anxiety and fear. In bringing balance and harmony to the energy system of the body so the body can begin to heal and cast of physical afflictions. When we are in balance our immune systems are stronger and this is the same for animals.

I prefer to work with you or your pet for at least three sessions.  This is because it takes time to allow for shifts to occur and a bit like peeling the layers of an onion underlying emotions may surface as we clear what is at first obvious. Normally three to six sessions is best so I offer packages of three at a time. I have some other wonderful healing tools and products that can help support your pet. The beautiful   organic, ethically produced Aniscentia herbal products for dogs is one.

If you are unsure if my services are for you or would like to know a little more about them and whether I can help you or your pet I can offer a free 20 minute conference call or telephone chat which we can schedule in. Please go to my contact page and I will respond as soon as I am able to book a call with you.

I particularly like to work with you and your pet together. This I find is especially useful with horses and their carer. Most of us with horses want a deep bond and relationship with our horse and this can often go wrong for many reasons. Things can happen that lead us to feel frustrated, a failure, loosing confidence, afraid to ride and a horse that may be also lacking confidence, anxious and displaying behaviours that to us are not conducive to the amazing, trusting partnership we invishioned. Horses in particular will mirror us and show us the things we most need to address in ourselves. One of mine certainly has over the years and you can read about my journey in my blogs about Wraheem in future posts.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope that I can be of service.

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Disclaimer. I do not claim to treat or cure any physical disease. Should your animal present with any pain or physical ailment I will recommend you see your vet. I do not diagnose any disease or condition, this is the responsibility of a veterinarian.