You are currently viewing Equi Anima Essence – part 2 The Preparation, Cleansing the Land and Creating a Sacred Space

Equi Anima Essence – part 2 The Preparation, Cleansing the Land and Creating a Sacred Space

Continuing on from part 1

I was impatient to get started with making the first essence in my range. The weather was nice, Spring was here and everything was bursting into life. First of all I needed to make sure the environment on the farm was right for essence making. There have been many things here over the years that have stretched my imagination and comprehension and I’ve had a lot of help from some well known

Sea Essence for Water Purification

and who I consider to be advanced healers in their field assist me. This is really a huge subject in its own right and worthy of many blogs. So for now I’ll just say I needed to clear some disharmonious energy from the water on the land. We have a brook running through the farm and there are many underground springs that feed into it. I used an essence given to me by Julie Bowman called Lotus Holistic Sea Essence. A potent mixture of sea weed essences to help raise the vibration of water harmonising any toxic energy.

A few days after my water cleansing ritual I was sitting on a bench by our WW1 memorial. I was thinking out loud “Is there anything else I need to do to make sure the farm is energetically clear before I can make the Equi Anima Essence. “You need to place an essence by the memorial” came the reply. I then used a pendulum to dowse for what I needed. An Alaskan gem essence came up and needed to be placed on the land by the Oak memorial for 5 consecutive days. Last year we planted a hectare of woodland which was a 1000 native trees and shrubs in conjunction with the Woodland Trust as a commemorative wood for all those involved in the First Workd War. Ours is also dedicated to the horses and other animals that suffered in that and other wars.

The gem essence was Water Melon Taurmaline.  A brief description of this essence is that it balances Universal polarities of Yin and Yang. It brings green, physical Earth frequency into harmony with the pink spiritual angelic qualities of love.

Watermelon Taurmaline Gem.
Image curtesy of Alaskan Essences