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How I started with Holistic Therapies

P1030229I first started looking into Holistic Therapies in my late teens when my Dr failed to help resolve an annoying condition that had plagued me for many years. I saw a homoeopath and by going down this route of treatment became more aware of dietary influences, supplementation and alternative approaches to health. It wasn’t until my late 20’s however that I first began training in therapies myself.

Divine Synchronicity

I was travelling home by train from London after a failed fertility treatment at hospital feeling pretty miserable and not happy to continue with the advised drug based therapy being recommended. Wondering what I could do I suddenly noticed a lady had got off the train leaving a magazine behind. With a long trip ahead I decided to have a flick through and as I picked it up the pages fell open on an article about the Bach Flower Remedies and how they had helped women with fertility problems.

The article not only inspired me to try them for myself but at the bottom of the page was contact details for courses on becoming a Practitioner. I was amazed at the synchronicity and coincidence of the article falling open on that very page. It really was like a sign I was on the right path and I felt excited to learn all I could about it.

My First Training as a Bach Flower Practitioner

This then was the first holistic modality I studied and at the time I was working at a Veterinary surgery and my boss was very open to holistic therapies for animals within his practice and so once I had qualified I was able to see animals and their owners in the practice and helped many with pre and post surgery, emotional trauma, behavioural problems and many other things. It was a valued addition to the services the branch surgery offered and around this time the Bach Centre introduced the new Animal Practitioner course so I completed that too.

IMG_3573I have always been an animal lover and have had many pets over the years. I have bred and owned Arab horses since my teens and these sensitive horses have led me down a path of Natural Horsemanship and Holistic therapies. I worked with horses and children in my early career then at the veterinary surgery for 9 years.

An Ongoing Passion

Holistic therapies continued to be a passion for many years since and I have gone on to study many other modalities for people and animals. Flower and other Essences have been by far the most studied modality over many years.
I have enjoyed some wonderful courses leading to personal growth and additional certification.

The Horses Guiding My Path

Because of my Arab horse Perry being such a troubled and sensitive character I also started seeking alternative training methods and that led me down the Natural Horsemanship path although I also initially did the BHS exams so had a grounded and practical approach and knowledge base to start with. My next horse Perry’s nephew Wraheem is entirely a different character. Still sensitive, but with a more laid back disposition. He as a youngster was bold and confident, but wilful and opinionated unlike Perry who would really want to please and follow, Wraheem wanted to lead. My journey with him so far has had many highs and lows, but he has been a great teacher. Due to several falls he has had a long battle with physical niggles mainly back problems, but there have been foot balance issues, difficult behaviour, loss of confidence ( both me and him ) gradually finding it again, a journey that has led me to study many healing techniques, nutrition, herbs, more Natural Horsemanship, physical modalities like massage, stretching, Equine Touch, Reiki and other energy work, photonic therapy, animal communication, environmental effects and influences, herd dynamics, foot balance and trimming options, tack suitability and fit and much more.

My dogs, cats and other animals have all been great teacher’s too, but Wraheem has really been a major influence on my path.

Time To Share With Others

The things I have studied or experienced I feel have given me a broad experience that I hope to be able to use to help others and their animals.