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Sunday 10th July we spent a very enjoyable day with Jean Whitebread from Equine Reconnect.  The class was well attended and the content as an introduction to Craniosacral Therapy was very informative and fun.  There was a good mix of classroom based discussion and interactive demonstrations for participants to feel the amount of pressure needed to feel the craniosacral pulse, cardiac pulse and respiratory pulse. Jean provided each student with a useful manual with some history of Craniosacral therapy and some hand positions for feeling the pulse and for connecting with the horses.

imageJean brought along several books to browse at during the breaks and a skull for us to clearly see the sutures and structure of the horses skull.  We then had a variety of horses and ponies to work with including two brought along for the day by one of the students. The new arrivals caused a bit of excitement among my group so there was lots of neighing and raised energy.

First each horse was allowed to stand however they chose to arrange themselves and we assessed their posture and noted any observations.  They were then walked up and down to assess movement and posture.  We then practiced what we had learned in the morning.

After lunch we returned to the barn and were amazed to see that the whole energy had shifted to one of calm, relaxation and peacefulness. Scarlet had even gone to bed and she had originally been the only one to have said “No thanks I’m not sure about that”, so her lady had respected her wishes and chose to work just outside her box with Dotty instead.

We did some further hand positions and learned a few extra little bonus tips from Jean for our tool box to help our horses.  The horses were all showing signs of releasing tension, big yawns, sleepy eyes, licking and chewing etc.  Afterwards we had another look at each horse as a group and compared notes from the morning before and after the sessions.  It was a pleasure to see all horses and ponies had some clear changes.  Some had visible changes in their face alignment like nostrils or eyes being more level, they all seemed to be standing more square with their weight better aligned over their legs, they all looked somehow plumped out, softer, elongated necks and backs and a more of a swing to their walk and more pliable and soft in their musculature.

To conclude Jean explained how students might like to take training further.  The route to qualification in this therapy seems long and very expensive, however the introduction day that Jean offers represents great value for money and certainly gives any horse owner a great tool for helping their horse with a gentle non invasive way to connect with your horse on deep level to promote healing and relaxation.

I was very pleased to make use for the first time one of our barns that is in the process of being renovated to create a dedicated class and meeting room.  Overlooking the orchard and stable block it makes a perfect setting and convenient to interact with the horses.

This has been a popular class and Jean and I hope to host it again either in the Autumn or next Spring for all those that showed interest in attending but missed it this time round.  Do message me or Jean if you would like to add your name to the list and we will look at setting another date.


Testimonial from course participant.


Hi Jane

I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting such a fantastic workshop yesterday. Not only for the hosting but also for letting us practice on your horses and making everyone feel so welcome.

Keep up the good work and I would love to come to another session at yours should the chance arise.

Best wishes





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