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Positive Reinforcement Training – With Shawna Karrasch and Hannah Weston

Summer 2014 was a two day workshop on positive reinforcement with clicker training for horses. Shawna’s background has been training marine mammals in America with positive reinforccement and she has developed her methods to work with horses called “On Target” training.  Shawna is the author of the book ” You Can Train Your Horse To Do Anything!”  Hannah Weston is based here in the UK and they have developed

 Several people bought their horses along for the whole weekend and temporary paddocks were made for those.  A demo was held the evening before at nearby Water Farm Dressage Centre where they have an indoor arena.  This was attended by 50 people, some already using clicker training and others just coming along to see what it was all about.  My horse Ryaaz was one of the demo horses.

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Everyone had a great time learning how to shape desired behaviours with their horses.  There was a lot of discussion on how horses learn and the science behind learning theory.  Those staying over night stayed back for meal in the garden with a few ciders and more horsey chat.

Shawna was a great teacher and her vibrant energy was infectious.  She is a very motivational person.  Hannah’s lovely horse Freckles joined them for the whole UK tour.

The video clip below is an extract from the Connection Training website that was promoting the tour.