Purification Sacred Spray by Alaskan Essences 60ml


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Purification is a spray to cleanse and purify your home and work environments your personal energy field and that of your pets and their living spaces. It can be used to break up stagnant patterns of energy on any level.

The spray  contains the four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences in the Alaskan range. Black Tourmaline, Fireweed, Portage Glacier, and Sweetgrass.

The essences in the spray are complimented by the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender Mailette, Black Spruce, and Frankincense.  These oils enhance the purifying function of the essences, and add clarifying, sanctifying and refreshing qualities to the spray.

The Purification Spray evokes a feeling of cool winds blowing off glaciers. It carries an invigorating blast of ionic energy that washes away tiredness and brings a sense of vital aliveness.

The spray transports the purity of the wilderness into our complex man-made environments, awakening our senses and reminding us of our true natures.

Use Purification to:

  • Release Toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body.
  • Break up unhealthy patterns of energy in an environment where there has been addiction, depression or abuse.
  • Revitalise, balance and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system.
  • Purify and re charge the environment where there is stagnant energy- the first step in Space Clearing Process.

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