Anima Soul Series – Protect – Blackthorn Blossom

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Black Thorn Essence – Anima Soul Series Protection.

This essence was made amidst the Corona Virus outbreak in the UK. We have all been on lock down for two weeks now.  Our Prime Minister has been admitted to Hospital with the virus. Several celebrities and Royalty, our own Prince Charles have have it. It does not discriminate. Across the world it has literally brought our world to a stand still. Many have lost love ones already, our NHS and many sectors providing crucial services are working so hard whilst most of us are staying at home, practicing social distancing and isolating. There is a lot of fear and confusion.  The media are going crazy and there is a lot of fear in the collective consciousness that is hard to not be affected by. Social media is full of reports, some truths, some fake news, some perhaps half truths, conspiracy theories abound it’s hard to know and discern what to believe is really happening here.

I am so lucky to be living where I do, surrounded by my beautiful animals and nature. I’m very used to my own company and actually enjoying spending time with my husband doing the garden and looking after the animals together. He so rarely has time to slow down and take stock, even to stop entirely doing and just be. We are all being asked to do this right now. We have the opportunity to find our centre and step out of the crazy fast pace of life for a while. Perhaps when this is all over we can create a new world.

Why Did I Choose to Make Black Thorn Essence

I hadn’t set out to create Blackthorn Essence. In fact early that morning laying awake in bed I was thinking I’d like to recreate a simpler version of my Equi Anima Essence and the beautiful Cherry Blossom I made and essence with this time last year is in full bloom and radiant. Later that day I was walking the dogs and this large patch of Blackthorn had litterally sprung to life