Cani Anima Essence



Unconditional Love 💕

Who wouldn’t want to feel that unconditional love given by a dog! Cani-Anima is one of my Anima Essence range, Co created with the help of the most gentle loving dog Roxy along with The energies of Rose Quartz and a beautiful Wild Rose with Heart shaped petals.

This delicate essence was made with the sun method with petals in a glass bowl and the Rose quartz beside it along with Roxy’s name tag. A connection was made with her in spirit whilst I was sitting next to the Rose bushes from which the petals came I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace. Like being enveloped in a soft pink cloud. A very gentle deeply loving heart energy.

This essence can help with grief, sadness, to feel unconditional love and open us up to giving and receiving love. For love of the self and for a peaceful state of mind. It could be good for healing deep emotional traumas and wounds. I primarily made this with Roxy’s help as a gift for dogs. It would be great therefore for any rescue dogs and those that may have been lacking in love and nurturing as a puppy or from their early time with humans. Perhaps at weaning when a puppy first leaves the litter and for the mother who finds herself alone after the puppies have gone.  It can be given to dogs any time we want to let them feel love especially if we are not  around to give it, so if we are going on holiday and the dog is to be left with others or going into kennels. Any sort of big change like moving home, a bereavement or loss etc. It’s like sending your dog a loving hug!

Of course it can be great for humans too.  Whenever we feel we want to feel the love 💕

10 ml Stock bottle

Directions: From stock, 2 drops added to a 30 ml dosage bottle filled with mineral water and you can add vegetable glycerine or a small amount of Brandy to preserve or keep refrigerated. From this bottle dose as required or directed, usually 3 or 4 drops 3 times a day, but can be added to water bowls and feeds.

You can also make a spray to mist around bedding and sleeping areas or in crates and cages if being used at rescue centres or vets.


Water, Brandy, Energies of Wild Rose, Rose Quartz and Channelled energy from a loving dog.

Post and Packaging is £3.50 via Royal Mail and is included in the price shown.