Balancing our Chakras and Aura, Saturday 8th August 10 till 2pm


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A half day workshop where participants will learn about the Chakras and Aura and how we might balance them.  I will  demonstrate some Pranic Healing  for cleansing and energising the Chakras. We have always considered the main 7 energy centres or Chakras, but there are many more. Each responsible for the cleansing and energising of associated organs. The chance to sample some of my Light Body and Chakra Essences and take your own bottle home.

Guided meditation with chakra visualisation, how we might use colour and sound to balance them, mindfulness and being in the present moment. Tools for stress release and relaxation. Essences for wellbeing and emotional balance. We will be doing some seated or standing Qi Gong exercises to bring our energy up and also practice feeling energy. Weather permitting we might go outside to connect to the energy of Pine Trees and Oak.  The day will be fluid and evolve.

Natural products for wellness available. Chakra and Aura essence sets or individual essences to purchase.

Discussion and Q&A’s with like minded people.

10.30 till 2pm

Refreshements provided, but if you would like lunch please bring your own packed lunch and we will fit in a break for that around 12.30