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A Beautiful Way to Stay Hydrated

A beautifully crafted glass water bottle with a separate glass chamber for crystal elixir combination for your Mind, Body and Soul, allowing you to drink the energy of the crystals safely.  For centuries people have been working with crystals to help with healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. One of the easiest ways to benefit from the healing energies of crystals is to drink water that has been infused with crystal energy.

The bottle has an eco friendly and very attractive bamboo to and bottom and the glass pod has a silicone base stopper to prevent leakage. The stopper is removable allowing different crystals to be placed inside. Pods can be purchased separately with a cork stopper enabling different combinations to be used also.

The energy of the crystals transfer to your water so allowing you to drink beautiful crystal energised water.  Since different crystals vibrate at different frequencies you can choose a combination that you would like most.  You may be drawn by the crystals colours or by its healing properties.

All crystal pods contain Clear Quartz.  Clear Quartz is known as The Master Healer and enhances the energies of all other crystals.

Making a Gem Essence

Being able to change the crystals allow you to use your bottle to make a gem essence.  Simply place the crystal you would like to make an Essence from in your pod, fill with spring water, create a sacred spot to stand you bottle perhaps with some flowers or offerings from nature nearby and set your intention for creating an essence as you would if making a flower essence and leave you bottle to absorb the energy of the sun or moon.  You will then have a mother tincture in your bottle which you can pour into a bottle containing 50% Brandy or similar to preserve it.

These bottles are available to purchase at Brook Farm for holiday guests or visitors attending a workshop and the RRP is between £30 and £31 depending on the crystal combination.  The price here is for mailing purposes and includes postage and packaging.  Please contact me to be advised of the crystal combinations available. There are 14 different combinations available although I am only stocking a few of these at a time. Bespoke combinations can be provided so if you have any special requirement please ask for a quote.

Currently I have available in stock:

Pure Love  Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.  For Love – Peace – Harmony. Balances the Heart Chakra

Pure Happiness  Citrine and Clear Quartz.  For Happiness – Personal Power – Abundance.   Solar Plexus Chakra

Pure Strength  Red Jasper and Clear Quartz.  For Grounding – Patience – Stability.  Root Chakra

Pure Power  Golden Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz.  For Personal Power – Good Luck – Courage.  Solar Plexus Chakra

Pure Truth  Sodalite and Clear Quartz.  For Truth – Intuition – Focus.  Throat Chakra

Pure Balance  Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Red Jasper.  For balance of all Chakras