Helping the Nervous, Unconfident Dog – Tuesday 24th September 10 till 11.30


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A one and a half hour session aimed at dogs that are nervous, anxious and unconfident in social situations with other dogs.

A chance to come on a small group walk on our 20 acre farm. Restricted to just four dogs so that space can be given to each to keep them in their comfort zone. They will have opportunities to explore and investigate things on the farm at their own pace. We will discuss how we can help them feel safe and overcome their fears and hopefully reduce reactivity. We can practice some training and techniques to distract and redirect attention to us. Back in the classroom each dog and handler can have a seat with distance from each other and have a drink and biscuits while I talk about some holistic therapies and essences that can help along with practical steps and tips to help the dogs feel safe, calm and more confident.

Excessively reactive or aggressive dogs towards other dogs might be better with one to one sessions rather than this small group. Please get in touch if I can help with an individual session.