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Terms and Conditions of Booking: 

The following terms and conditions will apply to your booking of the property: “The Herdsman Barn”, Oaksbrook Retreat, Brook Farm, Kelvedon Road, Messing, Essex,  CO59TA.” 


A contract between you and Mrs Jane Gilbey for and on behalf of Oaksbrook Ltd ( hereinafter  described as “us” or “we” ) will exist once we have received your deposit payment and confirmed  your booking with us in writing. This contract binds you and all members of your party. The  maximum permitted party size for this booking of the property is 2 people and up to 3 pets. You  will be responsible on their behalf so please ensure that all members of your party are familiar with  and accept the terms of the booking as set out below. 


A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total price for week long and short break holidays is  payable at the time of booking by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Your booking is not confirmed  until either your deposit or full payment has been received by us. Bank details for transfer are on  your booking form as is a PayPal Link 

The balance of your holiday cost must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of your  holiday. We will confirm the due date of the balance payment to you on confirmation of your  booking. If the balance is not received by the due date then your holiday will be treated as a  cancellation. 

We recognise that minor breakages happen and do not charge for these, i.e. a glass/odd item of  crockery. Please let us know if you notice any problems or damage. Any major damages or  breakages or those that visually impair the presentation of the property such as major stains or  damage by dogs must be paid for and we would suggest you take out appropriate insurance. 

Cancellation by you: 

If you cancel your holiday more than 2 months before it is due to start then your deposit will be  forfeited. Cancellation within 2 weeks of your holiday will forfeit the full hire amount paid unless  we are able to re-let the property in which case only the booking deposit will be forfeited to cover  administration and re-letting costs. COVID in the event of one of your party presenting evidence of  a positive Covid test we will offer a full refund or preferably transfer the date of your holiday. 

We recommend that you have adequate personal and holiday cancellation insurance to cover you  and all members of your party. This should be suitable for UK self catering holidays arranged  independently of a travel agent and should include cancellation protection cover to safeguard you  against loss of the cost of your holiday in the event of unexpected cancellation. 

Cancellation by us: 

Should the property suddenly become unavailable for the dates hired by you due to unforeseen  circumstances then all monies paid by you will be refunded to you in full with no deductions but  we will incur no further liability of any kind. Under no circumstances will we be liable to refund any  amount exceeding the amount paid by you. 

What is included in the price? 

Your holiday hire includes use of the property from 4pm on the day of arrival as specified in your  booking confirmation until 10.00am on the specified day of departure. Your hire includes all bed  linen, towels and tea towels, heating, electricity and water. Please bring your own beach towels.  Complimentary WiFi is offered for use by guests. Use of WiFi is entirely at users risk. We cannot  accept any responsibility for non availability due to a technical or other fault in the service offered.


For the comfort of all guests, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the premises. Data Protection Policy: 

Any information provided by you to us in connection with your booking will be used solely in  connection with your booking and for the supply of any information regarding the property. 


We accept no liability whatsoever for any Loss, Damage, Injury or Accident to you or any member  of your party or property whilst in occupation of the property or its grounds. 

However nothing in these conditions excludes or limits our liability: 

  1. a) For death or personal injury caused by our negligence; 
  2. b) For any matter which it would be illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability. Fires and Outdoor Cooking – Fire Safety: 

Outdoor fires are only permitted in the designated fire pits. Outdoor cooking is via BBQs, Rocket  Stove or your own or loaned by us camping gas hob. The fire pits must never be moved, and  especially into or near the accommodation. Please keep all means of outdoor cooking at least 5m  away from the accommodation. They are never to be left unattended, once lit, until it has been  extinguished after use. 

Each accommodation has a hose point nearby, a powder or water mist extinguisher, pan fire  extinguishing sachets and fire blankets. Information of where these are located and how to use  them is in the guest info book and all guests should familiarise themselves with where they are. 

Please make sure the fire pit, BBQ or Rocket Stove is fully extinguished and cool before replacing  the lid on the fire pit. 

Only adults may use the fire pit and children must never be left unsupervised around the camp fire  or BBQ. 

Please do not leave your dog unattended by a lit fire pit. 

Fires must be kept to a sensible size, should your fire pit get out of hand contact the campsite  staff immediately. 

Occasionally, in extreme heat and dry ground conditions, we reserve the right to remove the fire  pits from the site in the interest of safety. 

Please do not collect any wood from the farm for burning. 

No Chinese lanterns or fireworks. 


All tea lights must be kept in the lanterns provided. 

Please do not tamper with any of the gas bottles. If you think the gas has run out please ring us  and we’ll investigate. 

The door to the stove must be kept closed at all times when lit. There is a fire extinguisher and fire  blanket in every property. There is strictly no smoking allowed on the premises. We take our Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously and ask visitors to respect our safety  rules and make themselves aware of the surroundings during daylight hours. The Emergency Fire  Assembly Point is located to the left of the main (vehicular access) Glampsite gate and denoted 

by the appropriate sign, which is also marked on our Site Plan included within your Information  Pack. 

We can take NO responsibility for any accidents incurred as a result of careless use of stoves and  fire pits. 


Our site is part of a working farm so occasionally we have live stock in the surrounding fields.  Namely horses and sheep. Please admire the livestock from your side of the fence and not theirs,  Oaksbrook can’t be held responsible for any accidents if you are in their field. We also ask that  you don’t feed any of our livestock. Feeding them the wrong food can lead to illness or death of  the animal, it can also cause them to fight which may cause injury to them, it also can encourage  them to mug visitors or bite. Since they interact with people therapeutically it is important that  they don’t expect titbits from humans. We realise people do love to feed animals and there will be  occasions where we might organise a demo or interaction with the horses where we set them a  task and use food as a reward and guests may have the opportunity to experience that.  

You may be asked to keep your dog on a lead to protect both livestock and your dog. Dogs should be prevented at all times from causing anxiety or harm to any animals or livestock.  Dogs must be kept on max 3 meter leads at all times and can never be left in the accommodation  alone. Your pet is your responsibility at all times, and we cannot be held liable for your pet during  your stay. We reserve the right to ask any party to terminate their holiday if a pet cannot abide by  these requirements or adversely affects another guests’ stay. In the event that your pet should  injure any animals on site then you may be asked to remove your pet from site. 

Caveat: We have dogs ourselves who we know are safe around livestock and also love to meet  new dogs, depending on where the livestock are on the farm and what other guests are staying it  is usually possible for our 4 legged guests to have some off lead free space to run and play. If you  happen to be the only guests staying in the Glamping area which is totally secure or all guests are  from your own party your dog(s) can enjoy the site as a large garden to explore at will. When  booking assume the rules, but always talk to Jane on arrival as we will advise depending on the  circumstances at the time of your stay. 

Car Park 

The parking is a three-minute walk away from the Glampsite approximately 800m, and vehicles  are forbidden from entering the farm beyond the farmyard parking. Exceptions include those with  mobility issues who need to drop off and pickup luggage. Parking is at the risk of vehicular  owners, and Oaksbrook accepts no liability for damage to or loss from said vehicles. Our staff will  be available to help guide you and your belongings to your accommodation upon arrival, or for  non contact check ins detailed instructions will be sent in advance to you. 

We have CCTV in operation at the entrance gates to the farm and in the farm yard parking areas  only. 

We will hold your data securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Footage is only stored for  31 days. 

24 hour CCTV and surveillance is in operation on the farm recording for: • The detection and  prevention of crime. 

  • The protection and safety of customers, visitors, contractors and 


Finally, we are here to help and want to ensure you have the best possible holiday. If you have any  problems whilst on holiday, you should contact us during your stay so that we can try to resolve  matters as soon as possible. Any other complaints or problems should be brought to our attention  within 14 days after the end of your holiday. 

Enjoy your stay at Oaksbrook, Brook Farm.